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  • Complete set
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  • Cooling max power = 66 kW
  • Water consumption for 24 S9 in overclocking (60 kW) = 1,2 m3/hour
  • Electrics connection = 5 х 35mm2 (copper cores)
  • Liquid connection = 3/4 inch (network circulating water)
  • Energy consumption for a pump =0,345 kW
  • Tank for transfer liquid = 240 l
  • Assembled weight (without transfer liquid) = 99 kg
  • Overall dimensions with the lid = 1890х875х450 mm

Basic packaging:

  • Plastic or stainless steel tank for 24 cells
  • Circulating pump
  • Brazed heat exchanger
  • Transfer liquid (liquid STE Crystal 70T or ПМС-10)
  • Breaker box, automation, protection tripping unit, low amperage circuit
  • Coarse filter
  • Plumbing carcass
  • Temperature sensor (thermostat): at critical temperature disables the installation itself. After cooling it turns on automatically.
  • Liquid sensor disables the installation if an efflux happen.
  • Fan emulators

Extra packaging:

  • Switch
  • Router
  • Power supplies for overclocking 2,5-3kW
  • Specialized firmware for fan emulators, chips tuning, energy efficiency and overclocking up to 21Th
  • Arduino for ASIC-miners managing and remote control.

Detailed description:

He equipment is designed for the heat pickup of 240 MJ or 66 kW/h of electricity. For example, 24 Antminers S9 х 2,5kW (electricity power with overclocking) = 60 kW. At the same time, the installation itself consumes 0.345 kW for the operation of the circulation pump. It connects to a source of cold water up to 20 С degrees. It can be network circulating water, well water (river, ponder, lake), wellsite or closed circuit, that in its turn has a plenty of versions (pipes laid in the ground, returning network water to the main through the bypass, water draw-off heating etc.). With a normal electricity consumption of up to 60 kW/h, approximately 1.2 m³ of water per hour is required. As for electrcicity, the equipment is connected with a cable of 35 mm² х 5 copper wire. In the power panel, the cable is protected by a 100 amp device and a protection tripping unit or difautomation of 100 amp. In a regular installation panel, the cable is connected to three contactors (each phase for a contactor) that turn on/off the power supply miners. There are 24 power devices, one device for one ASIC miner. Also there are the devices for the control circuit, the pumps and the block of four additional sockets for connecting a network switch, a computer, etc. As for water, the equipment is connected with a flexible connection. The heat exchanger pipes have an external thread of 2 inch, thus, depending on the cooling option you choose, reducing sockets may be required. To connect to the network plumbing flexible connection of 3/4 inch is suitable. In other cases, we will help you if necessary. It is preferable to set at the entrance a mash filter for water coarse filtering and a valve for smooth adjustment of the water supply to the heat exchanger. The volume of cold water supply will determine the temperature of the transfer liquid in the equipment. The recommended transfer liquid temperature is 50-65 degrees for the Antminer S9 (for other equipment, it may vary). It is equipped with overheating protection. The thermostat is set to 68-72 degrees. Thus, when reaching 72 degrees, the installation will be disabled. After cooling to 68 degrees it will turn on automatically. If needed the the threshold off/on can be changed, but we do not recommend setting it at more than 80 degrees. It is also envisaged the disabling of the equipment in case the transfer liquid level in its falls below the critical level.