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Crypto boiler

A crypto boiler is a dual purpose equipment that, firstly, provides the owner with hot water, and, secondly, makes money in mining. As a result, the owner of the crypto boiler gets free heating of his house and stable monthly income with the perspective rise in the cost of the earned coins (cryptocurrency bitcoin). This is a real bargain! Crypto boiler warms your house and your wallet!

Crypto boiler is a specially designed stainless steel immersion tank, in which ASIC miners are immersed. Crypto boilers generate heat and make cryptocurrency. In fact, crypto boiler is a mining farm for house heating.

A crypto boiler has two circuits. The inner circuit is dielectric transfer fluid (immersion oil), in which ASIC miners are immersed. The external circuit is water circuit that is connected to the house heating system. Heat pickup/interaction of two circuits is going through the braze heat exchanger. When ASIC miners work, the generated heat is transferred through the heat exchanger into your water circuit, which in its turn heats your house and room. Besides, the average monthly income from such an equipment (Crypto boiler for 4 ASIC miners as of the date of 20 Sept. 2018) accounts for 400$ in cryptocurrency not considering the cost of electricity.

The capacity of a crypto boiler as a main heating source in a private crypto house is calculated according to the condition: one ASIC miner/15 sq.m. As a result you get free heating (you pay only for electricity), and passive income in the sum of 400$.

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