Fan emulators

Asicdip-24 Ask for the price


  • For 4-pin or 3-pin standard coolers for 5-12 volts. 6300 rpm

Basic packaging:

  • microcircuit with a size of 20mm * 10mm with a 4-pin connector

Detailed description:

Fan emulators, tricks, Fan Emulator - all these names are one device. Which is used to disable / emulate the operation of the ASIC miner's fans, when immersion in a dielectric liquid. No software (firmware) changes. These emulators, which we offer are suitable for both 4-pin and 3-pin standard coolers 5-12 volts. 6300 rpm revolutions. It is also possible to install a standard Firmware. In which we turned off the software check for the presence and operation of standard fans. You can buy Emulators or special firmware by filling out the order form - “Request price ”If you have any questions, write to: