Immersion liquid.
Transfer fluid

The common question of people who start using immersion cooling liquid for their mining equipment is the following: Which liquid should they choose? For two-phase cooling only 3M Novac 7100 is suitable. See the photos of the properties. But as for single-phase systems, there is a plenty of liquids on the market. They differ in viscosity, density, flash point, heat conductivity and inertance. They are: ICP (Polymethylsiloxane), Aeroshell (Polyalphaolefin), STE Cristal , PAO , insulating oil, glycerol and oil alcohol, paraffin oils, plant oils, food oils etc. The key points for the users are minimal cost and dielectric properties. What is to choose? We recommend to check the certificates and documents of the manufacturers when choosing the liquid. We advise you not to try out the liquids on your equipment and follow our recommendations: