Firmware for AntMiner S9, S9i, S9j

  • User-friendly interface
  • AsicBoost
  • Cgminer 4.11.1
  • Immersion cooling
  • Air
  • Air overclocking > 17Th
  • Liquid overclocking > 24Th
  • Optimal energy consumption 75W-90W/Th
  • Overclocking for each of the boards, frequency / voltage
  • Overclocking for each of the chips
  • Automatical chips tuning
  • Intelectual monitoring of the ASIC work
  • 24/7 support
  • The detailed description of the firmware is in the user guide
  • Contribution to the project development 1,68%-2% DevFee
  • Parallel DevFee
  • Fair DevFee. Max 2%

This firmware is the best. In the first place it was designed for our own farms. It is time-proved and has been installed on more than 10000 ASIC miners. It is available for the first time.

And the most important! With this firmware can achieve a minimum consumption of 80W-95W / 1Th, with stable operation.

EASY MANAGEMENT AND MONITORING Logo Anthill User guide. Download Energy consumption table. Download 24/7 Support Telegram

The history of changes and fixes

  1. Overall stability)));
  2. Added the ability to choose between a complete restart of the ASIC and the restart of only the cgminer in Autotune section;
  3. In addition to the automatic system for viruses checking we Added manual checking and disinfection in the Security section, including the new AntBuild virus;
  4. Fixed connection to the monitoring;
  5. Added the Find Miner function to the config multiplier to search for more miners at once;
  6. Changed the format of downloading the log file in txt;
  7. the new function "sleep mode" when it is turned on, the mining stops and the fans drop to minimal. The function is available in the config multiplier;
  8. Fixed problem with DevFee error exit.

~ NEW up-to-date version

S9 download the firmware 3.8.6

Downloaded: , size: 13.9 MB, date: 30.05.2019

Virus checking of the hash sum file MD5:

I present to you 3.8.6_LPM (Low Power Mode)

We didn’t make any innovations in functionality except for the lowering itself ЭЭ.

Feel free to flash your devices with saving settings after 3 minutes your consumption will fall +- 150w

S9 download the firmware 3.8.6_LPM (Still Under development)

Downloaded: , size: 13.7 MB, date: 29.10.2019

Virus checking of the hash sum file MD5:

  1. Overall stability;
  2. Improved and changed the method of connecting to pools;
  3. Added the function of mass password change in the config multiplier
  4. Added the function that can mass change Ssh port and mass shutdown of Ssh in the config multiplier
  5. Optimize the size of the firmware.
S9 download the firmware 3.8.5

Downloaded: , size: 13.3 MB, date: 05.05.2019

Virus checking of the hash sum file MD5:

  1. optimization of the source code;
  2. improvement of the total stability;
  3. the bug when on some batches ASIC couldn't connect to the pool, was fixed;
  4. the bug when ASIC could stutter during auto-tuning or timer expiration, was fixed;
  5. installation and connection to Anthill service was fixed;
  6. optimization of the size of the firmware file, that could lead to the error "No space left on device";
  7. the way of treatment of the new virus, that ruins record files and doesn't let braid even by Ssh, was improved;
  8. the new portion (security) in which was added:
    a) on/off of Ssh server;
    b) change of the port of Ssh server.
S9 download the firmware 3.8.4

Downloaded: , size: 17.7 MB, date: 18 Apr 2019

Virus checking of the hash sum file MD5:

  1. total stability;
  2. code optimization;
  3. "find the miner" function;
  4. portion DevFee, where one can choose the most suitable server in ping and stability;
  5. function of distribution of the selected server DevFee in the configurator multiplier;
  6. the bug, when miner could go down when overloading during the chips configurations, was fixed;
  7. BTC Tools version support;
  8. time synchronization «ntpd» when detected and treated the virus nightswitcher was fixed;
  9. start and restart of cgminer has been fixed and impoved (on some miners it could reload two times running);
  1. total stability;
  2. team improvement of service;
  3. team improvement of the service MinerStatBox-> MinerStatsLite;
  5. opportunity to set the minimal frequency in Auto Tune (200);
  6. HW was added into the cloning.
  7. opportunity to disable the timer (stage 3) in profile was added;
  8. temperature defining was fixed;
  9. automatical detection and treatment of the virus nightswitcher;

~ NEW ~ up-to-date version

S9 firmware 3.8.1 download

Downloaded: , size: 23.4 MB, date: 27 March 2019

Virus checking of the hash sum file MD5:

  1. total stability;
  2. AsicBoost improvement;
  3. configurator multiplier improvement (during the configuration process there was added the opportunity of:
    A) leave the chips without changes;
    B) leave the settings for blades and voltage without changes;
    C) leave the profile without changes;
    D) transfer massively the function of bug fixing when connecting DevFee;
    E) transfer massively the settings of the silent mode;
    F) transfer massively the settings of temperature retention;
  4. fan quiet mode of miner starting was added (at our own risk);
  5. output of information as to the disabled fans was made in our own log;
  6. NiceHash usage bags were fixed and #xnsub was improved;
  7. fans checking was carried out and the limit for 500-800 rpm was added(it happened that the back fan was disabled, but it was rotating due to the stream from the front fan at the minimal velocity);
  8. output of the information when starting was remade, as well as the immersion mode (the token in miner status in the form of a snow-flake, and the rotations are shown when the fans are not removed in the liquid);
  9. spelling errors and rates in the WEB interface were corrected;
  10. profiles descriptions with approximate consumption AB-OFF / AB-ON and output of the overclocking information or Down Voltage were improved;
  11. 4 new profiles were added at 18.5, 19, 19.5, 20 th;
  12. Spanish language was added;
  13. Linux libraries were updated.
download the firmware 3.8.0

Downloaded: , size: 24.1 MB, date: 15 March 2019

Virus checking of the hash sum file MD5:

  1. total stability;
  2. libraries for Hive OS were updated;
  3. function -1 for HW was added;
  4. #xnsub was added (;
  5. opportunity to set reboots to trigger limits when the boards disable(The maximum number of reboots can be set. The counter resets after reboot or power failure);
  6. tuning log was remade, the maximum lines quantity is 20, if more the old records are deleted;
  7. log can be saved in the file;
  8. export of the configuration in multiplier was added (to improve overclocking, down voltage, profile usage through BTC Tools);
  9. new profile of the frequency of 700W 8.6 (14.7тх) was added;
  10. monitoring integration was added (see the monitoring portion);
  11. fans work and temperature sensors were improved;
  12. virus destruction was improved, and the chance of the infection of the version 3.7.6 was avoided;
  13. bug of displaying online voltage in the absence of boards was fixed;
  14. log was improved;
  15. new profile in the configuration multiplier was added;
  16. multiplier work was fixed and patch for BTC Tools was made;
  17. restart was removed from the menu.
Download the firmware 3.7.7

Downloaded: , size: 24.1 MB, date: 01 March 2019

Virus checking of the hash sum file MD5:

  1. stability;
  2. increasing power when turning off the Internet was improved;
  3. voltage can be easily changed now (in the miner portion and in the hand overclocking);
  4. settings are not saved (do not react at saving and pre-saving);
  5. API manual_fan_mode = false \ true;
  6. voltage output in API was fixed;
  7. chain_volt5, chain_volt6, chain_volt7 for chain_volt6,chain_volt7, chain_volt8. As with other API parameters;
  8. Arabic language localization;
  9. fans work was corrected.
Download the firmware 3.7.5

Downloaded: , size: 0, date: 05 Febr 2019

Virus checking of the hash sum file MD5:

  1. log clearance bug was fixed;
  2. critical bug in the configuration multiplier was fixed.
Download the firmware

Downloaded: , size: 22.9 MB, date: 06 Febr 2019

Virus checking of the hash sum file MD5:

  1. total stability;
  2. bug when ASIC could disable HW was fixed;
  3. HW tune in profiles was added;
  4. regional setting were moved to the separate page;
  5. translation errors correction;
  6. bugs in tools work were fixed;
  7. log size was improves (it wrote that was filled up);
  8. configuration multiplier was significantly improved (now it's on par with tools);

The functions were added:

  1. to spread configuration not changing the workers;
  2. to add host names to the existing workers;
  3. to add ip addresses to the existing workers;
  4. to change the worker including the host name;
  5. to change the worker including the ip address;
  6. to change pools and skip down necessary pools.
  1. total stability;
  2. total stability for p2p;
  3. AsicBoost optimization;
  4. full compatibility with BTC Tools version 1.2.0;
  5. full compatibility with Awesome Miner version 6.1.5;
  6. function of checking and fixing chips in HW was added;
  7. Auto Tune was optimized and the function of reducing the chips disabling HW was added;
  8. Reboot trigger in хххх (you can choose the quantity х when ASIC should be sent into reboot) was added.
  1. stability for p2p was increased (increased but not improved);
  2. image bug connected with the shift because of the absence of the boards was fixed;
  3. AsicBoost stability was increased;
  4. new output of no internet connection in log;
  5. old board features in log were changed from j6-j7-j8 to 5,6,7;
  6. fans bug when ASIC miner didn't stop mining in case of the fan failure (in some models) was fixed;
  7. new method of fan control in auto mode, as in stock was created.
  1. complete transfer for cgminer 4.11.1;
  2. trigger on hr was completely remade;
  3. reboot function in the trigger for hr with the fall of the average hr was built in;
  4. function of reboot in the trigger for hr with ххххх on the board was added;
  5. ASIC-miner firmware upgrade method was altered (now you don’t have to stay on the page and wait for the timer to pass);
  6. output of the current version in the upper right corner was added;
  7. on-line /off-line status output was added;
  8. transfer of the monitoring tab to the separate menu;
  9. some small bugs fixes;
  10. stable and tested version!
  11. new function configuration multiplier (now you can transfer the settings to any number of ASIC miners just in one click).
  1. bug that caused the ASIC miner hang after some time of work was fixed;
  2. duplication of the main buttons in the upper part of the web interface was added;
  3. output voltage to the paid chip section was added;
  4. cgminer improvement and complete separation of the configurations;
  5. full compatibility with BTC tools and other similar programs;
  6. new method for checking the Internet shutdown and power off of the ASIC miner, and the output of all information in the log were added;
  7. profiles improvement and bug fixes (profiles should now work more correctly)
  8. new profiles for Down Voltage, as well as in stock frequency were added.
    a) 10.5 th
    b) 11.8 th
    c) 2.9 th
    d) 13.5 th
    e) 14 th.
  1. log display when fulfilling 500 error was fixed;
  2. auto timer tune fix with manual restart ASIC;
  3. new function “online” status in the upper right corner was added, you can determine if there is a link between the web and the ASIC;
  4. new function of real-time pool switching!!! In the miner status section, you can click the switch button, this pool doesn't change the settings in the workers section..
  1. pre-save function was added: you can set up the ASIC and then send it to the reboot;
  2. work of DevFee was fixed, when after adding AsicBoost it went beyond the stated 2%;
  3. permanent reboots bug with information output to the dev pool exit log was fixed;
  4. new fucntion in general settings was added, the alternative way of connecting to DevFee for such providers as resulting to the equipment disabling;
  5. timer in profile mode was fixed, when rebooting, the software started to fix the chips, instead of the time allotted for it;
  6. temperature reading, when on some ASIC-miners models , the indicators went off 100+ degrees, was fixed.
  1. Thermosensor fixing
  1. 61 chipds in the mode AsicBoots were fixed
  2. bug of the sign (%) appearing in a gap in the workers was fixed
  3. manual temperature setting function to disable ASIC was added
  4. API hang and Null configuration errors were fixed
  1. diodes fix
  2. -1 orange
  3. profile timer optimization
  1. 14 th ASIC reboots were fixed
  2. new hashpulse script
  3. AsicBoost stable work
  4. 2 new profiles were added
  5. HW optimization
  6. bmminer processing
  7. restart option when hr goes down was added
  8. awesome miner fie when pools changing
  9. fans fixs
  1. cgmainer stable operation
  2. firmware compilation new method
  3. timezone was added(for autotune)
  4. Russian localization was added, the firmware was fully translated into Russian
  1. display of the CGMiner version in Overview on the main page was fixed
  2. display voltage in miner status was added.
  3. incorrect display of frequencies from 850 to 1000 mhz for the 2nd board on the 3rd in the profiles section was fixed
  4. backup in the file in the Upgrade section was fixed.
  5. +1 green button, -1 red button in the manual chip settings section was added for each board. Only when activating manual mode
  6. function all chips to 0 (all to 0) in the manual chip settings section for each board was added. Only when activating manual mode.
  7. ability to save and restore your custom profiles was added. Only when activating manual mode (the profile saves the data, pools / workers, frequencies / voltage, manual chip settings, auto tuner, etc.).
  8. quick setup of monitoring systems Hashpulse, HiveOS (beta) in separate tabs was added
  1. cgminer 4.11.1 code optimization
  2. unused frequencies from the web interface that caused a hang when loading the miner were deleted.
  3. API in cgmainer 4.11.1 was updated
  4. ХР in tools fix.
  5. completion of integration with Miner Stats Box.
  6. integration of the firmware to the HIVE OS monitoring system.
  7. bug fixes of total stability.
  1. fixes for work with tool.
  2. fixes for work with the stats box monitoring miner.
  3. correct ASIC operation in the absence of 1 or 2 boards.
  4. improvement and optimization of the autotuner.
  • 🔱 NEW FIRMWARE 🐜 S9/S9i ‼️
  • 🔥 #AntMinerS9 #firmwareS9 🔥
  • 🍺 Gratitude 1,68% DevFee
  • ✅ Parallel DevFee
  • ✅ Fair DevFee. Max 2%
  • ✅ Cool interface. Autoupdate of the chips page and miner status 🖥
  • ✅ New driver 💿
  • ✅ Cgminer was updated 4.11.1
  • ✅ Immersion liquid 💦
  • ✅ Air ☁
  • ✅ Total overclocking up to 21 th in the manual mode 🚀
  • ✅ Overclocking profiles up to a maximum of 18 th ✈
  • ✅ Overclocking for each of the boards, Frequency Voltage 🚀💲
  • ✅ Overclocking for each of the chips 🚀💲
  • ✅ Automatical chips tuning 📟
  • ✅ Auto profiles 🛠
  • ✅ More stable 🆘
  • ✅ No viruses 🕷
  • ‼️And the most important ‼️
  • ✳️With this firmware you will get the minimal energy consumption ⚡️⚡️ at 1Th with stable equipment work.⚖
  • ✅ And many other things 🎁

🏆This firmware is the best. In the first place it was designed for our own farms. It is time-proved and has been installed on more than 5000 ASIC miners before the release with DevFee. It is available for the first time. The downloading file is below.
🚹 The firmware is suitable for both beginners and experienced users who can activate manual mode for more detailed tuning
▶ ️ Download!
💵 Pull down more money!
On installing the firmware
You should go the the workers website!
There will be red note that the old configuration is used!
You should press the button Save to get a new configuration file!
⚙ Support, Maintenance, Firware settings – discuss
🆘 here:

The program scans the IP addresses of the network, and immediately updates all ASIC miners

Download the Multi Installer

Downloaded: , size: 37.5 KB, date: 17 Nov 2018




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