The firmware for AntMiner T17

  • User-friendly interface
  • AsicBoost
  • Cgminer 4.11.1
  • Immersion cooling
  • Air
  • Air overclocking > 60Th
  • Liquid overclocking > 80Th
  • Optimal energy consumption 40W-65W/Th
  • Overclocking for each of the boards, frequency / voltage
  • Overclocking for each of the chips
  • Automatical chips tuning
  • Intelectual monitoring of the ASIC work
  • 24/7 support
  • The detailed description of the firmware is in the user guide
  • Contribution to the project development 2,68%-3% DevFee
  • Parallel DevFee
  • Fair DevFee. Max 3%
  • Mass Change Passwords
  • Antiviruses
  • Change SSX ports and off SSX ports
  • Multiplier - Mass reproduction of config
  • Multi-lingual
  • Interface without reloading the page
  • Change of voltage on the fly
  • Pool change on the fly

This firmware is the best. In the first place it was designed for our own farms. It is time-proved and has been installed on more than 10000 ASIC miners. It is available for the first time.

And the most important! With this firmware you can achieve a minimum consumption of 80W-95W / 1Th with stable operation.

Unlock SSH T17 Series EASY MANAGEMENT AND MONITORING Logo Anthill User guide. Download Energy consumption table. Download 24/7 Support Telegram

The history of changes and fixes

  1. general stability
  2. correction of profile parameters for S17 / T17
  3. improved nicehash support (extranonce subscribe)
  4. added trigger to disable / enable voltage (cold start)
  5. added trigger to disable / enable domain unbalance check
  6. added the ability of target chip temp (new proprietary and much cooler adjustment method, which significantly reduced fan speed)
  7. implemented support for a “quiet" start of the miner
  8. automatic transfer of the miner to warm-up mode when starting in cold conditions
  9. added registration of dead chips during autotune
  10. improved and significantly reduced the launch time of the miner
  11. added saving chips freq / autotune result for subsequent manual pre-tuning
  12. added checking for all types of viruses that we know about today
  13. all functionality is added to the config multiplier section
  14. activated time zone
  15. added the estimated power consumption by the miner (electronic wattmeter)
  16. the status of the miner (its API) is available immediately at startup after 15 seconds
  17. added The ability to set the critical temperature of the chips to automatically disable the hash board

~ NEW up-to-date version

T17 download the firmware 1.0.0

Downloaded: , size: 29.3 MB, date: 15.02.2020

Virus checking of the hash sum file MD5:

  1. small fixes and stability of main driver
  2. pool connection fixes
  3. pool connection fixes
  4. pool connection fixes
  5. pool corrections fixes
T17 download the firmware 0.9.9 beta2

Downloaded: , size: 28.9 MB, date: 01.02.2020

Virus checking of the hash sum file MD5:

  1. the autotune work has been finalized and fully adjusted
  2. completely rewritten algorithm for adjusting the voltage of the chips
  3. improved method for controlling unbalanced domains
  4. adjusted and fully customized profiles
  5. added compatibility with BTC Tools version 1.2.6
  6. fixed config multiplier with batch propagating workers
  7. added pool support for
  8. added pool support for
  9. checked and fixed stability of the pool
T17 download the firmware 0.9.9 beta

Downloaded: , size: 28.9 MB, date: 30.01.2020

Virus checking of the hash sum file MD5:

  1. general stability
  2. extended and refactored the main driver
  3. the next iteration of refinement and improvement of errors (HW)
  4. hash rate loss on some pools was analyzed and fixed
  5. added support for P2P pool
  6. activated the multiplier for the distribution of mass batch configs
  7. work on with the reading of temperature sensors I2C
  8. created more than 10 overclocking profiles
  9. added autotune!!! (note, autotune results are saved in a separate config, when changing a profile to a new one and returning to the previous profile, a repeated autotune is not required, except for a forced retune by the user); after the completion of the tune, “temporarily” changes to the chips in the manual section of gui are not displayed
  10. autotune is taken out as a separate log in the profiles section
  11. automatic reboot when unbalancing domains to save chips from burnout
  12. added manual downgrade of the entire domain
T17 download the firmware 0.9.8 beta

Downloaded: , size: 28.9 MB, date: 25.01.2020

Virus checking of the hash sum file MD5:

  1. uptime stability
  2. main driver optimization
  3. compatibility with btc tools version
  4. added manual chip control function
  5. work was done on HW
  6. hashboard shutdown if the voltage is incorrect
T17 download the firmware 0.9.6 alpha

Downloaded: , size: 30.1 MB, date: 10.12.2019

Virus checking of the hash sum file MD5:

  1. general stability
  2. refactoring the driver code
  3. smoothing Hashrate display in miner status
  4. refinement of the automatic fan mode
  5. added led support:
    A) When minining led is blinking green
    B) When there are errors the led is solid red
T17 download the firmware 0.9.4 alpha

Downloaded: , size: 30.1 MB, date: 21.11.2019

Virus checking of the hash sum file MD5:

  1. overall stability
  2. driver refinement
  3. added option to select individually frequencies for each chain
  4. activated the config multiplier
  5. activated batch password change
T17 download the firmware 0.9.3 alpha

Downloaded: , size: 31.8 MB, date: 18.11.2019

Virus checking of the hash sum file MD5:




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