The firmware for AntMiner T9 +

  • User-friendly interface
  • AsicBoost
  • Cgminer 4.11.1
  • Immersion cooling
  • Air
  • Air overclocking > 17Th
  • Liquid overclocking > 24Th
  • Optimal energy consumption 75W-90W/Th
  • Overclocking for each of the boards, frequency / voltage
  • Overclocking for each of the chips
  • Automatical chips tuning
  • Intelectual monitoring of the ASIC work
  • 24/7 support
  • The detailed description of the firmware is in the user guide
  • Contribution to the project development 1,68%-2% DevFee
  • Parallel DevFee
  • Fair DevFee. Max 2%

This firmware is the best. In the first place it was designed for our own farms. It is time-proved and has been installed on more than 10000 ASIC miners. It is available for the first time.

And the most important! With this firmware you can achieve a minimum consumption of 80W-95W / 1Th with stable operation.

User guide. Download Energy consumption table. Download 24/7 Support Telegram

The history of changes and fixes

  1. Overall stability)));
  2. Added the ability to choose between a complete restart of the ASIC and the restart of only the cgminer in Autotune section;
  3. In addition to the automatic system for viruses checking we Added manual checking and disinfection in the Security section, including the new AntBuild virus;
  4. Fixed connection to the monitoring;
  5. Added the Find Miner function to the config multiplier to search for more miners at once;
  6. Changed the format of downloading the log file in txt;
  7. the new function "sleep mode" when it is turned on, the mining stops and the fans drop to minimal. The function is available in the config multiplier;
  8. Fixed problem with DevFee error exit.

~ NEW up-to-date version

T9+ download the firmware 3.8.6

Downloaded: , size: 13.9 MB, date: 30.05.2019

Virus checking of the hash sum file MD5:

  1. Overall stability;
  2. Improved and changed the method of connecting to pools;
  3. Added the function of mass password change in the config multiplier;
  4. Added the function that can mass change Ssh port and mass shutdown of Ssh in the config multiplier;
  5. Optimize the size of the firmware.

~ NEW up-to-date version ~

T9+ download the firmware 3.8.5

Downloaded: , size: 13.4 MB, date: 05.05.2019

Virus checking of the hash sum file MD5: D5AB94B5949FE114BD9C559EC9DB3BA2

  1. optimization of the source code;
  2. improvement of the total stability;
  3. the bug when on some batches ASIC couldn't connect to the pool, has been fixed;
  4. the bug when ASIC could stutter during auto-tuning or timer expiration, has been fixed;
  5. installation and connection to Anthill service has been fixed;
  6. optimization of the size of the firmware file, that could lead to the error "No space left on device";
  7. the way of treatment of the new virus, that ruins record files and doesn't let braid even by Ssh, has been designed;
  8. the new portion (security) in which has been added:
    a) on/off of Ssh server;
    b) change of the port of Ssh server.
T9+ download the firmware 3.8.4

Downloaded: , size: 17.7 MB, date: 18 Apr 2019

Virus checking of the hash sum file MD5: C758F53B5F6CC390D1F241CE878B591D

  1. total stability;
  2. code optimization;
  3. "find the miner" function;
  4. portion DevFee, where one can choose the most suitable server in ping and stability;
  5. function of distribution of the selected server DevFee in the configurator multiplier;
  6. the bug, when miner could go down when overloading during the chips configurations, has been fixed;
  7. BTC Tools version support;
  8. time synchronization «ntpd» when detected and treated the virus nightswitcher has been fixed;
  9. start and restart of cgminer has been fixed and impoved (on some miners it could reload two times running);



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