Immersion liquid (transfer fluid).

The common question of people who start using immersion cooling liquid for their mining equipment is the following: Which liquid should they choose? For two-phase cooling only 3M Novac 7100 is suitable. See the photos of the properties. But as for single-phase systems, there is a plenty of liquids on the market. They differ in viscosity, density, flash point, heat conductivity and inertance. They are: ICP (Polymethylsiloxane), Aeroshell (Polyalphaolefin), STE Cristal , PAO , insulating oil, glycerol and oil alcohol, paraffin oils, plant oils, food oils etc. The key points for the users are minimal cost and dielectric properties. What is to choose? We recommend to check the certificates and documents of the manufacturers when choosing the liquid. We advise you not to try out the liquids on your equipment and follow our recommendations.

01. Immersion liquid STE Cristal Plus 70T

Immersion liquid Crystal Plus 70T from the American company STE Oil is the liquid number one on the market of the immersion cooling. It is used for a wide range of equipment, from servers to industrial computers. Recently it prooved to be the best liquid mining equipment cooling. Using Crystal Plus 70T you will get: absolute absense of noise, increase of the equipment lifespan, no need for maintenance, energy consumption reduction, and the possibility of overclocking up to 25%.

  • Freezing temperature is – 60 °C
  • Boiling point is + 198 °C
  • Boiling point is + 198 °C
  • Physical point: liquid
  • Colour: colourless
  • Water solubility: in hot water is freely soluble, in cold water
  • is insoluble
  • Toxicity: non toxic
  • Chemical name: White mineral oil
  • Basis: Carbon dioxide
  • Country: USA
  • Package: barrel 181.8 l
  • Scent: near-zero
  • Application is technical

Files: Specification / Description / Certificate

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02. Immersion liquid ПМС-5 / ПМС-10

Silicone liquid (Polymethylsiloxane liquid) are characterized by: chemical inertness, low superficial tension, foam-forming supression, waterproof and dielectric properties. Polymethylsiloxane liquids are transparent, tasteless and scentless, don't cause negative psychological reaction.

Polymethylsiloxane liquids are inert, inexplosive, non-toxic for skin and conjunctiva. The liquids differ from mineral liquids by their wide range of working temperatures from -60°С up to +220°С, besides, they almost never change viscosity and volume when temperature is changing. Even the best types of mineral and synthetic oils change viscosity in their operation temperature in hundreds of time.

They also have an excellent separating effect that is explained by their exceptional fluidity and the ability to form films on different types of surfaces. Polymethylsiloxane liquids are characterized by: chemical inertness, low superficial tension, foam-forming supression, waterproof and dielectric properties. Moreover, they are distinguished by low volatility, stable work when shearing load, radiation stability, high resistance to oxidative and thermal degradation. Polymethylsiloxane liquids are inexplosive, low-combustible, environmentally friendly. They are stable while storing and using within five years. The types of package are: 5 l, 20 l, 30 l, 200 l.

Brand freezing temperature, °С flash point, °С kinematic viscosity, average temperature density at 250 °С, g/cm3 ПМС-5-100 at least 116W within 4.5 – 5, 60, 913 ПМС-10-100 at least 172W within 9.2 – 10,80,935 ПМС-20-84 at least 200W within 18 – 220,949 ПМС-40-70 at least 200W within 36 ― 440,949 ПМС-50-70 at least 220W within 45 ― 550,960 ПМС-100-65 at least 305W within 95 – 1050,913 ПМС-200-65 at least 316 within 192 – 2080,935 ПМС-300-50 at least 310 within 290 – 3100,970 ПМС-400-50 at least 315 within 385 – 4150,970 ПМС-500-50 at least 316 within 480 – 5200,970 ПМС-1000-65 at least 310 within 950 – 10500,970. The liquids of ПМС 5-10 brand are used as high- and low-temperature heat exchangers for devices, and as damping fluid.

The liquids of ПМС 20-40 brand are widely used in the devices as damping, hydraulic and separating liquids, and as the basis of low-temperature plastic lubricant. The liquids ПМС 50-200 are used as damping and hydraulic liquids, and also as additive to lacquers and different household chemicals. The liquids ПМС 300-400 are used as the basis of vaseline pastes; in the form of water emulsion as mold release in the production of industrial rubber articles, plastics articles and elastic gum, dielectric pastes and vaseline.

They are also used as water emulsion for glass container processing and as damping fluid. The liquids ПМС 500-1000 are used as dampung fluid. The liquid 200А is used as anti-foam additive to petroleum oils and gravure industry paints in printing industry, as antiadhesion liquid in tire industry. The permission of using in food industry has been gained for the liquids ПМС-200, 300 and for the emulsion on the basis of ПМС-400.

Files: Specification / Certificate

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