List of available firmwares

In this section you will find the firmware for your ASIC miners.

Main functionality

  • Ready profiles for overclocking or lowering voltage (reducing consumption), increasing the profitability of equipment.
  • The function of automatically lowering the profile when overheating and raising the profile when the temperature is normalized.
  • The function of automatic tuning of frequencies, voltage of ASIC chips (reducing HW errors, increasing hash rate, extending the life of ASIC).
  • Turning off fans in immersion cooling, reducing noise, quiet start, maintaining the temperature on the chips, increasing the life of the fans.
  • Mass password change, change or disable SSH port and transfer config with a profile to an unlimited number of ASICs in one network.
  • An additional function is to reduce electricity consumption by an average of 15% by optimizing the miner's algorithm while maintaining the hashrate (mandatory support of the ASIC BOOST function - by the pool).
  • Antivirus - built-in unique algorithm for automatic virus checking! If a virus is detected, the virus is destroyed. If the virus, for some reason, cannot be destroyed, the virus is isolated / blocked, in order to avoid further infection of neighboring miners in the network (protection from ANTBUILD, NIGHT SWITCHER and others).
  • The function of outputting the estimated electricity consumption by the miner.
  • A function to search for an ASIC on a farm, by a visible signal of a diode on a miner.

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We offer our partners beneficial cooperation

Asicdip offers special partnership terms for owners and administrators of large mining farms. For wholesalers, mining equipment and major repair services!

As a partner you will receive:

  • Personal assembly of the firmware with your logo and your commission
  • 24/7 technical support for integrating and configuring the firmware.
  • Priority of updates - new firmware versions, before official releases


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