Whatsminer M20S/M21S/M30S/M31S/M32


We offer a unique firmware!

BASIC DATA: All ASICs support the firmware. Whatsminer M20S, M21S, M30S, M31S, M32.
This firmware allows you to increase the performance (hash rate) of your ASIC miner by an average of 30% - 40%. Overclocking is possible only on long power supplies. On short power supplies, there is a risk of failure of the power supplies. Each ASIC miner is overclocked individually for its own configuration.

CALCULATION: Let's say at the moment your device produces 65 TH/s while consuming 3200 watts.
We divide 3200 by 65, we get the consumption for 1 TH/s in - 49.23W.
Long power supplies allow 4 kW to be removed from the miner's ASIC in the air safely, so 4000W is divided by 49.23, and we get an estimated performance of 81 TH/s (-+4%). In immersion a long power supply gives 5-5.5 kW after upgrade, the increase will be 111 TH/s.

YOU CAN make the calculation yourself, focusing on the data from your devices that are displayed on the WEB - interface, there is a hash and consumption.

  Update Whatsminer M20S/M21S/M30S/M31S/M32 Release   Install SD Whatsminer M20S/M21S/M30S/M31S/M32 Release

WhatsMiner M20S,M21S,M30,M31S,M32

Factory hash: 65 TH/s
Hash of our firmware WITH UPGRADED power supply: 110 TH/s
Hash of our firmware WITHOUT UPGRADE of the power supply: 81 TH/s

Do you want to cooperate with us?

We offer our partners beneficial cooperation

Asicdip offers special partnership terms for owners and administrators of large mining farms. For wholesalers, mining equipment and major repair services!

As a partner you will receive:

  • Personal assembly of the firmware with your logo and your commission
  • 24/7 technical support for integrating and configuring the firmware.
  • Priority of updates - new firmware versions, before official releases