AntMiner L3+/L3++ 3.8.8

Release 3.8.8

This firmware is the best that there is at this time among the software for mining bitcoin on ASICs. It was originally developed in early 2017 for its own mining farms. Time-tested and installed on more than 1 500 000 BITMAIN AntMiners. It first became generally available in early 2018.

And the most important thing! WITH THIS FIRMWARE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO REDUCE YOUR ANTMINER'S CONSUMPTION to 95W at 1TH in old models S9 / T9 and 35W at 1TH on new models S17 / T17-series, WITH STABLE OPERATION.

ATTENTION: The firmware is suitable for all ASICs L3 +/ L3++.
If, when changing the BITMAIN firmware, you see the message: can not find signature, this means that your hardware has the 2019 BITMAIN firmware, which has overwrite protection installed, the 2018 firmware does not have this protection.
If you have BITMAIN 2019 firmware installed, our firmware can only be installed via an SD card (all files are posted on the site, you need to format SD to FAT32.
Open the archive downloaded from the site and transfer files and folders to SD, write the image to the ASIC and then flash it with our firmware via the upgrade function).

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  Firmware AntMiner L3+/L3++ Release 3.8.8   SD Image AntMiner L3+/L3++ Release 3.8.8

Popular modes L3+:

505 Mh/s - 650 watt
580 MH/s - 850 watt
620 MH/s - 1000 watt
700 MH/s - 1200 watt

505 TH/s - 850 watt

  • Release: 3.8.8

    Downloaded: 3633

    Date: 05.04.2021

    Size of the firmware: 10.9 Mb

    Size of SD image: 29.0 Mb

    Hash Sum of the firmware: 38a4733badceca8b527a53fb66cae39a

    Hash Sum of SD image: c9b2acc0bdb646b9e90447ed0685d759

      Download firmware release: 3.8.8     Download SD image release: 3.8.8  

    What's new:

    1) Fixed fan error at low rpm.
    2) Fixed a bug in the search function "asik on the farm".
    3) Added a hotel fii option (where you can redirect part of the capacity to pay for electricity, equipment placement, or pay for miners' maintenance).
    4) Added the Find Miner function to the multiplier config to search for more miners at once.

  • Release:

    Downloaded: 529

    Date: 17.03.2021

    Size of the firmware: 11.3 Mb

    Hash Sum of the firmware: 3a07f595964687a7e0064d7f7b290d1d

      Download firmware release:  

    What's new:

    1) Fixed errors with on / off csx.
    2) Fixed the error when the ASIC did not go to mining with one stratum registered in the settings.
    3) Fixed the inclusion of manual fan adjustment.
    4) Added #xnsub for nice hash.

Chronology of changes by release.


Installation and configuration in pictures.


You can get acquainted with the advantages of the firmware and the main functions by watching the video:

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  • Personal assembly of the firmware with your logo and your commission
  • 24/7 technical support for integrating and configuring the firmware.
  • Priority of updates - new firmware versions, before official releases